Dear Fordham Community,

Christ is risen!

At a moment when the world sorely needs it, today we celebrate life conquering death. We celebrate hope conquering despair. For in matured faith, Fordham encounters all creation, saying quietly, Peace be with you—the peace of learning, the peace of good will, the peace of love.

Easter is the “Pasch,” meaning “passage.” As Pope Francis describes it, “For in Jesus the decisive passage of humanity has been made: the passage from death to life, from sin to grace, from fear to confidence, from desolation to communion.” Today, we run towards the light, as the women in the Gospel rushed to find the risen Lord.

The events we remember in this Holy Week teach us that joy does not just descend upon us. Joy comes from struggle and suffering, from the empathy and humility we learn the hard way. We are remembering now that God’s Son, fully with us in our humanity, has gone the hard way before us.

Then He rose. When He first spoke to the disciples, he said “Peace be with you.” Today we pray fervently for peace, for an end to devastating pain in the world. We comfort ourselves not by looking away, but by daring to hope.

Happy Easter,
Tania Tetlow