In Memoriam: Those We’ve Lost to the Coronavirus

We remember the members of the Fordham community and close relatives of Fordham family members who died in the coronavirus pandemic.


Emilio S. Allué, GSAS ’81

Danielle Christine Arre, FCRH ’05

Johnny Lee Baynes, FCRH ’78

Antonio Checo, GSS ’91

C. Peter Cunningham, GABELLI ’57

Thomas J. Dolan, FCRH ’51

Kevin Thomas Duffy, FCRH ’54, LAW ’58, PAR

Rafael Eli, GABELLI ’85

Robert B. Fane, FCRH ’66

James G. Fitzgerald, GSE 89

Jaqueline Corcoran Gill, UGE ’58

Aaron Godfrey, UGE ’58

Elayne B. Haymes, GSS 98

Curtis Hunt Jr., GSS ’15

Ann Kolb, GSE

Thomas Leonard, FCRH ’81

Runston T. Lewis, GSS ’75

Andrea Ruth Ludgin, GSE ’81

Silverio S. Mazzella, FCRH ’81

Mike McCaffery, GSAS ’72

Audrey McKevitt, GABELLI ’52

William Morris, LAW ’86

Sheila Maria Parris, Ph.D., FCLC ’76

Gennaro Vito Panessa, UGE ’67

Roslyn K. Pulitzer, GSS ’87

Peter F. Regan, FCRH ’45

Stephen Lawrence Reineke, FCRH 70, LAW 73

Nicholas Rinaldo, GSAS 63

Mario César Romero, FCLC ’84

Raymond Schumack, GSE

Joseph A. Sena, Jr., LAW ’79

Louis G. Solimano Jr., FCRH 73

Miriam Emedan Speight, UGE ’66

Ralph John Steinberg, Ph.D., GSAS ’80

John Vassallo, FCRH ’64

Gerald Welch, PCS ’13, GSS ’15

Donez M. Xiques, GSAS ’62

Daniel Zane, LAW ’48

Faculty & Staff

G. Richard Dimler, S.J., JES ’51

Robert C. O’Brien, Ph.D., FCRH ’53, GSAS ’59, ’68, PAR

Adelaide Mottola

Jaime U. Soriano


Altagracia Alvarez
Mother of Jessica Cordero, GABELLI 05, and Grandmother of Justin Cordero, FCLC 23

Nelson Alvarez
Father of Kevin Alvarez, PCS 21

Carlos Manuel Callejo
Father of Roxana Callejo Garcia, Associate Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, Information Technology

Marguerite Crispino
Wife of the Hon. Jerry L. Crispino, LAW ’55; Mother of Louis P. Crispino, FCRH ’87; and Grandmother of Felicia M. Crispino, LAW ’22 

Giuseppe (Joseph) DiGrandi
Father of Martin DiGrandi, FCRH ’80, Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences at FCLC

Barbara Ann Doyle
Mother of Brian Doyle, Custodial Supervisor at Rose Hill, Campus Operations

Joseph Falzon
Father of Annette Falzon-Scalisi, FCRH 86, and Grandfather of Joseph Scalisi, FCRH 20, and Nicole Scalisi, FCRH 22

Mavis Haywood and Wilfred Haywood, Sr.
Mother and Father of Kareem Haywood, GSAS ’98

Peter Macaluso
Father of John Macaluso, GABELLI 86

Silvio Mazzella
Father of Elizabeth (Mazzella) Varenne, FCRH 96, and Grandfather of Margaret Varenne GABELLI 25

Edgar Mena
Father of Michelle Mena, FCRH 19

Crawford Nedd
Father of Roslyn Nedd, Director of Acquisitions/Business Office, Information Technology

Joan Molloy Nedelka and Frank J. Nedelka Jr.
Mother and Father of Jim Nedelka, FCLC 76, Larry Nedelka, GABELLI 77, and Bruce Nedelka, GABELLI 79

Enid Nesbitt
Mother of Shonda Nesbitt, Manager, Office of Strategic Sourcing and University Services

Francisco A. Ramos
Father of Maria Saint Hilaire, Executive Secretary, Gabelli School of Business

Frank J. Randazzo
Father-in-Law of Jason B. Benedict, Associate Vice President for IT

Sergio Rodriguez
Father of Gisselle Rodriguez, Mental Health Professional, Graduate School of Education

Miriam Vera
Mother of John Montes, FCRH ’94, Adjunct Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and Grandmother of Isabel Montes, FCRH ’19

John P. Verel
Father of Patrick Verel, GSAS ’15, Associate Editor of Fordham News, and Amy Verel, FCRH ’99

Melinda “Nina” Wernick
Mother of Laura Wernick, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Social Service


Salvador Anselmo
Uncle of Gina Frezzo Fonner, FCRH ’05

Richard E. August
Grandfather of Caitlyn Greene, FCRH ’22

John Benevento
Grandfather of Emily Benevento, GABELLI 22

Margaret P. Bizzari
Grandmother of Joseph Dorio, Jr., FCRH 22

Anna Calabria
Aunt of Taylor McDonnell, FCRH 14, Associate Director of the Fordham Fund

David DeFedele
Uncle of Amanda Marie DeFedele, FCRH ’21, GABELLI ’22

Regina Duffy Cullen
Grandmother of Sean Cullen, GABELLI 17, and Luke Karavan, FCRH 23, Aunt of Timothy Cullen, FCRH ’09, and Great Aunt of Matt Corso, incoming freshman

Mary Donoghue
Grandmother of Colleen Hathaway, incoming freshman

Jonathan Hark
Husband of Nancy Hark, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Operations, Employee and Labor Relations

James Murabito
Brother of Carol Murabito, Director of Facilities Management, Budgeting, and Capital Planning

Michael F. Murphy
Brother of Maureen R. Murphy Coffey, UGE 68

Marie L. Nascenzi
Grandmother of Corey Nascenzi, FCRH 02

Francisco Nunez
Husband of Xiomara Nunez, Administrative Assistant, Institute of American Language and Culture

Isabella Carmela Panessa
Wife of Gennaro Vito Panessa, UGE ’67

Patsy Simone
Husband of Mary Simone, Education Specialist, Graduate School of Education

Katherine Sullivan-Orefice
Grandmother of Gianna Tilocca, FCRH 21

Irene Vandal
Great-Aunt of Molly Dunn, FCRH ’20

James Vasek
Brother of John Vasek, Public Safety Supervisor / Investigator at LC

Jessie Mae Weldon
Grandmother of Deja Murrain, GSS ’20

This list was compiled from national listings and notices submitted by relatives and friends of the deceased. To inform us of anyone whose name should be added to this list, please write to